Muslims thank Trump for Space Heaters in Internment Camps


Earlier today, the Muslim Caucus on Muslim Americans Begging for Unobtainable Equity (MCABUE) penned a letter to Trump thanking him for the recent influx of space heaters into their internment camps.  The letter in part stated that:

We are glad that Trump has succeeded in his presidency in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  After all this time, he finally got the registry re-instated and better yet, got us corralled into this beautiful interment camp on the Southern edge of the California mountains, equipped to handle the cold with brand new space heaters.  This puts us at the beautiful crux of policy and hate crimes; after all, we got space heaters not security.  Sometimes it gets cold at night, but with a President that cares so much about the Muslim community, we are able to stay warm and collected.  Moreover, after all this time, we finally get the opportunity to organize as a collective; had it not been for these camps, this wouldn’t have been possible.  We don’t care what history has taught us, the Muslim civil rights movement has always rested on the lowest of standards and it is this fact that allows us to celebrate our place in history as the “new kids on the block.”

MCABUE has many people to thank for what we have achieved so far, not including but limited to mainstream organizations that have worked hard for no one who knew about their hard work and change that never came.  We are looking forward to the installation of water fountains in our camps and port a potties with running water.

MCABUE’s upcoming campaign centers on appeasing the Alt-Right and showing them that we really are in the image of the Aryan race, minus the Brown skin (which we are working on eliminating).  We hope that together, with the Trump presidency, Muslims will not stand a chance of ever feeling at home again and that indigenous White people will be able to reclaim their rightful place in this country.  Will you join MCABUE in making America Muslim Free (and Great) Again?  We hope so.

With Respect,
Rashad Rasheed Rasul Ridwan Rizwan Saifullah Ali Baba Soltan

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