Son of God Sundays Coming to a Mosque Near You!


The National Coalition of Good Muslims Launches Son of God Sundays Campaign

The National Coalition of Good Muslims (NCGM) is excited to announce the launch of the “Son of God Sundays” (SOGS) campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to get Mosques around the country to host Church services on Sundays and to show the world that Muslims are a tolerant people.

“This effort seeks to prove that we are good Muslims and that we will protect our Christian brethren until the end or until all of the Muslims have been effectively eliminated from the planet,” said lead organizer and President of NCGM Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed.

Another organizer, Jaafar Alaadin Mohsin, weighed in the on the goal of the SOGS campaign and stated: “We can’t just sit back while our Christian brothers and sisters are getting killed.  The least we can do is show them that they are welcome in our place worship.  We hope that this will be a lesson to the world that we too can put on staged events and callously forget about the wanton slaughter of our people for one nation under God.”

As opposed to the upcoming Friday prayer services to be held this week at the National Cathedral, rather than allowing only 100 guests, the SOGS campaign will be open to the general Christian public.  However congregants signing up for SOGS will be required to bring their own pews with them until the NCGM is able to raise money for portable pews.

“We are hoping that this campaign will really buttress the interfaith movement, and that of course our people don’t erupt into rage upon seeing SOGers showing up at their Mosques for the Sunday prayer,” Mohsin added.

The SOGS campaign is being launched on Friday alongside the Muslim prayers at the National Cathedral.  The NCGM hopes that this effort will bring them one step closer to unattainable Whiteness and Americanness.

“Please heed our call and wish us luck as we embark on this exciting campaign,” Mohammed added. “We will need all the support we can get from the intellectually superior, reformed, and otherwise forward looking good American Muslims.”

Also calling for support for this important campaign, Mohammed stated that “we hope this will be a dramatic moment in the world and in Muslim-Christian relations, because never before have Muslims and Christians lived alongside each other in peace.  This is the first step.”

Unlike Muslims who are expected to condemn and apologize for every act of violence that happens anywhere in the world, Christians attending SOGS will be exempt from this responsibility and treated as individuals.

The first SOGS will take place on Sunday, November 16th, at the ADAMS center in Sterling and will begin at 10 a.m.

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