Muslim American organization expresses optimism after the Department of Homeland Security agrees to curtail surveilling, profiling, and detention to a mere 60% of the population


Muslim Americans leaders have expressed optimism in relations with the government after meeting with Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson.  Sparked by Johnson’s dedication to working with the Muslim community and agreeing to only surveil Mosques in all the major metropolises in the United States, leaders experienced relief that now their constituents would only have to suspect half the population of being informants.

Speaking to this renewed partnership between the Muslim community and the U.S. government, Durward Bishr Borak, Founder of the National Coalition of Good Muslims (NCGM) stated that, “I can’t tell you excited I am to be working with the government to free up some space in our most crowded mosques.  For too long, our congregants have had to stand during the Friday sermons and pray in the parking lot.  With the government’s help, we hope to entrap as many people as possible so that we can finally avoid the misery of overly crowded prayers.”

NCGM Co-Founder, Butrus Barakah Butrus, stated that, “we couldn’t be more grateful to the government for providing us with the resources and training to create unsafe spaces for our congregants.  I mean, I would hate to be exempt from the history of minority profiling and targeting in the United States and I’m just happy that our government has decided to create a culturally relevant version of the COINTELPRO program.”

This new partnership to counter radicalization and extremism, will be buttressed by the read a book Sundays campaign which seeks to encourage Muslim American leaders to read one piece of scholarly literature each week in order to speak from an actual knowledge base as opposed to speaking from their a***.

“We’re talking about a partnership, countering violent extremism together,” said Borak.  “This is no small feat and I hope our partnership will solidify the notion that all Muslims are genetically disposed to extremism and radicalization.  Without this being our operating premise, we cannot sustain the current atmosphere of bigotry and Islamophobia that makes these partnerships so valuable,” added Borak.

Next month, the National Coalition of Good Muslims will be launching a new toolkit, pending government approval, titled “You’re citizens, but not really:  How to facilitate the process of diminishing citizenships at the Mosque and wherever you find Muslims.”

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